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How To Be Genuine When Networking In The Life Sciences Fields

Everyone knows that in the fields of technology, science, and research, the job market is quite competitive in the Bay Area. Whether you’re in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, or elsewhere in this northern California region, you need to have outstanding networking skills to get the job you want. Part of the skills set you must cultivate involves knowing how to be genuine (but never desperate!) when networking.

If you’re looking for opportunities in life sciences careers in the Bay Area, know that the art of networking can open doors you never even knew existed! Positions such as clinical data managers, clinical trial managers, and a wide range of biopharmaceutical jobs exist in and around San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Read on for a few pointers that will help you improve your networking abilities so you can find the positions you seek and get the job offers you want!

Be Honest About The Type Of Work You’re Looking For

First, be clear with yourself. What kind of life sciences work do you want to do? Once you know what you’re looking for, you can begin to create your pitch, or your talking points. Write down some thoughts about the type of job you’re looking for, then whittle them down to a succinct statement you can make with confidence after a bit of practice. There’s no need to mislead or confuse potential employers (or staffing services, for that matter); get honest with yourself first, and then get to the point when you’re networking.

Don’t Exaggerate Or Boast

When you’re talking about your background and qualifications, avoid sounding like a show-off. While you want to let the other party know that you are qualified for the job you’re going after, you don’t want to sound arrogant. Be honest, yet gracious, when you’re discussing your capabilities.

Do Share Your Skills And Background

At the same time, don’t hide what you know. If the individual you’re speaking with at a networking event or a lab staffing function asks about specific skills, courses, experiences, or background, don’t hold back. In a professional manner, answer honestly the questions posed about your expertise. No need to get defensive; just share with confidence, knowing that you have something of value to offer.

Ask Questions

Don’t ask questions about salary, vacation hours, or whether or not it’s ok for you to leave early on Wednesday afternoons for your book club or DnD sessions! You’ll learn the answers to these important questions soon enough, after you get a job offer (which, as a reminder, you have the option of accepting if it’s what you want, or rejecting if it doesn’t meet your salary or time-off requirements).

When you’re networking, the types of questions you need to ask revolve around what the business does. Ask about the products and processes the business develops. Ask about what the business needs. Then find ways to connect your background with the needs of the company or organization. As always, be professional, stay calm, don’t boast, and share honestly, when the occasion presents itself.

Be A Good Listener

While you want to share your experience with the people you’re networking with, be sure to remember to be a good listener as well. Show a genuine interest in what the other person is saying. Be attentive, and ask for clarification on anything you don’t quite understand. Good listeners are always appreciated, in any setting, but especially in networking events.

About Emanate Life Sciences’ Placement Services

We are a firm that works closely with businesses in the life sciences industries. We provide data management FSP services for clinical trials, and we also serve these businesses by implementing solutions related to clinical trial imaging and endpoint adjudication. As well, we help these companies find the right personnel for key positions.

Emanate Life Sciences offers contracting and permanent placement services to meet the growing demands of life sciences businesses to fill key positions. If you feel you have the right background for a high-level position within the life sciences arena, please get in touch with us. And please be patient; we receive many inquiries from qualified prospects. It may take a little while to hear back from us.

Whether you’re a business looking for the perfect manager for your lab, trial, research effort, or other life sciences-related endeavor, or you’re an experienced clinical project manager, data manager, research associate, or similar candidate, reach out to Emanate Life Sciences today!

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