Ways To Become A Great Lab Manager

You may be a good lab manager, but are you a great one? Read on to learn what steps you can take to reach a point where people regularly notice the quality of your work and regard you as a great lab manager. Whether you’re in the Bay Area or somewhere else, these tips can help you advance in your life sciences career’s goals.

Take Responsibility

A great lab manager takes charge. This involves knowing what goes on in your lab, and ensuring everything is under control. As a great lab manager, whether you’re working full-time or you’re a contractor at a research organization, you take responsibility for what goes on in the laboratory you oversee. This may include (but not be limited to) the following:
  • Ensuring safety procedures are in place and followed at all times.
  • Having the right equipment and supplies on hand for improved workflow.
  • Keeping the equipment tuned and working correctly for accurate results.
  • Hiring quality lab workers who will maintain a safe environment and work with integrity.
  • Listening to the feedback your lab workers offer, and taking action when needed.
  • Acquiring software solutions that will streamline the testing and reporting processes.
  • Recognizing groups and individuals for outstanding work.
  • Handling conflicts with efficiency, diplomacy, and grace.
  • Making sure that funding is being used wisely to avoid wasteful expenses.
In short, a successful lab manager is not afraid to step up and take action in order to keep his or her laboratory running safely and efficiently, and to ensure that results are accurate and documented thoroughly, in a timely manner.

Be A Good Listener

In addition to being able to take action to improve the conditions of your lab and the success of your research, you need to be a good listener. Your technicians and other lab workers will have a great deal to share with you on everything from test results to process recommendations. They may come to you with concerns about personnel, safety, or equipment accuracy, among many other possibilities. As lab manager, it’s your job to really listen to the input you receive and take it seriously. Use your judgement to decide what needs to be handled immediately, what can wait, and which situations simply need to be handled with a bit of diplomacy to avoid bruising egos or hurting feelings.

Take Care Of The Equipment

Accurate results rely on equipment that’s in top shape and working properly. Lab safety also relies on equipment that’s working well without overheating or endangering anyone in any way. As a great lab manager, you need to make sure that you and your lab technicians have access to the right pieces of equipment, and that all your apparatus, appliances, or other electronics are working as expected.


Now and again, you will need to innovate in order to help your lab run more smoothly, or to streamline processes so that your lab can handle more work without compromising your test methods or lab results. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to think outside of the box and serve as an innovative thinker and doer. The way to become an innovator is to practice, to look for opportunities, to not be afraid to try new things, and to learn from your experiences.

Take Ongoing Courses & Certifications

Ideas for innovations can also come from ongoing education. Make it a point to continue learning every step of the way. Take ongoing courses, and find opportunities to earn certifications that will help you do your job better while keeping your lab running smoothly and safely.

Love Your Job!

If you’re passionate about your job, others will notice, and this enthusiasm will be contagious! To have people working for you who are passionate about their work, you need to show that you love what you do, too. Be a life sciences lab manager who comes in every day excited about what the workday may bring. After all, science is about exploration and discovery. What can be better than that? Love your job, and you’ll see that others in your lab will love their jobs as well.

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