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Major Trends in Life Sciences in 2019

While we’re not psychic and we don’t have a magic crystal ball to peer into, we do notice that some trends appear to be emerging in life sciences, and we want to share these trends with you. Whether you’ve been working in any of the life sciences careers for many years, or you’re still in school and on track to graduate with your degree this year, you may benefit from knowing what these trends are. Even if you’re just an enthusiast of life sciences in general, you may find our blog interesting, and we invite you to read on!

Increased Collaboration Between The Private And Public Sectors

One possible change we may be experiencing in this arena is greater collaboration between government agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and private contract research organizations, to accelerate the process of making promising new scientific discoveries available for use faster. In other words, the innovations a biotech company, for example, is currently developing can be brought to market faster with this increased cooperation between the public and private sectors.

Benefits would be numerous, with the end-user of these innovations being able to have access to important new biopharmaceutical products more quickly. In addition, this trend could also potentially lead to more jobs, since everything from lab staffing to clinical trial and data manager positions may need to increase to handle the additional workload that streamlining the take-it-to-market-faster approach will likely create.

New Types Of Research Are Quickly Emerging

As with any industry, the biopharmaceutical and life sciences fields are constantly evolving, and new types of research with different focuses are coming to the forefront. Two of the areas that are changing and garnering more attention overall this year are immunotherapy and precision medicine research. These changes are exciting because they may open the door to a better understanding of certain diseases along with significant progress in treatment methods. They can also translate to a shift or even increase in certain types of jobs within the life sciences fields.

An Increased Move Toward Cloud-based Solutions

More and more biomedical and biopharmaceutical firms are transitioning to cloud solutions for data storage and management. This will only increase the need for tech-savvy people to work in the life sciences fields. The need for clinical data managers with in-depth knowledge of cloud-based platforms will likely go up as the storage and access of research and development data continues to be digitized and uploaded at increasing rates.

Improvements In Customer Engagement

While the focus of labs is to delve deeper into research and development areas that ultimately bring new, better treatments to the forefront, it’s important for labs to continue to improve in customer engagement efforts. The research we’re doing affects treatments that ultimately will be developed and marketed by private, for-profit firms, to be used by consumers who will benefit from these treatments, so long as they’re accessible and affordable. Having a broader outlook outside of the lab will help lab technicians and clinical trial managers alike have a better understanding of the end goal. Managers with a better understanding of the bigger picture and more engagement with the companies developing treatments and the consumers who will be using these treatments will be more in-demand within the life sciences fields.

Emanate Life Sciences Networks Extensively To Keep Up With Changes

At Emanate Life Sciences, we make it a priority to talk with industry leaders to learn more about the constantly changing landscape of biotechnology. By keeping up-to-date on changing trends, we’re better able to serve our clients in terms of contracting and placement solutions, clinical trial imaging services, data management documentation, and so much more. We constantly measure the pulse of the life sciences industries to keep up with changes and stay ahead of the curve! This way, we can better serve our clients with their R&D data management and staffing needs.

If you have questions about any of our areas of expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can share with you the latest developments, as well as provide valuable services, in life sciences’ data management functional services, clinical trial and endpoint adjudication, and lab contracting and permanent placements. Feel free to reach out to us today with any questions you may have!

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