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Talent Spotlight – Amy P

Talent Spotlight. Two business people highlighted by a spotlight

In each issue of the EmaNation we highlight one of our stellar data management candidates. Please reach out to us if you would like to meet this candidate, or to learn more about our recruiting and placement services.

Amy is looking for an Associate Director of Data Management position on the San Francisco Bay Peninsula or in the South Bay. She is the kind of employee any manager would love to have!

Currently serving as an Associate Director of clinical data management, she combines rigorous, detail-oriented project management skills with a lively curiosity and a genuine empathy and compassion for both the people she works WITH and the people she works FOR (e.g., the patients). Amy is acutely aware of how critical communication is, especially in a field that tends to focus more on numbers, data, and results than on motivation and morale.

Becoming a Data Manager

Amy: "I always joke that no one goes to college and says, 'I'm going to be a data manager when I grow up!'" She ended up in clinical data management through a lucky encounter at a Stanford job fair.

The story is an early example of her trademark combination of skills--an ability to persist and be detail-oriented, leavened by curiosity and intuition.

While working at Stanford Hospital as a rehab aid she saw where the health care industry was headed and how patients struggled to get what they wanted or needed. It made her think that physical therapy, and rehab services, were not going to be stable careers.

Looking outside her field, she ran into Incyte Genomics at that job fair and was intrigued by what she saw. A genomics research firm at the time, they were doing work that Amy felt she could really dig into and get excited about. The company also appeared to have an interesting future, and in fact later transitioned to pharmaceuticals. Her job interview with Incyte was the kind we all hope to have. "I just clicked. With the interviewer, the manager, and the other staff. My desire to learn and my interest in the work resonated with them. It all--the company, the job--felt comfortable right away."

Managing People: Leadership, Culture, and Curiosity

Amy is active data manager on four oncology studies and three metabolic studies. She is leading/managing as well as doing hands-on data management.

When she was with Boston Scientific she had, global responsibilities including visiting overseas partners and hiring and managing staff in places like China and Bangalore.

People are different everywhere. Amy says, “So, yes, employees in China need to be approached differently than employees in the US, but people in the Midwest also have different work styles from, say, those in the Northeast.”

Highly attuned to the ways people from varied backgrounds differ in their work, management, and engagement styles, Amy truly enjoyed this kind of work. "I managed people virtually, remotely, in many different locations, and it was fascinating to uncover the cultural differences and what motivates them and how different cultures develop trust.”

"Let's figure out how we fix this problem in the shortest amount of time, but still with the highest quality. There can be an element of hunting for the needle in the haystack, and I really enjoy that challenge even now." ~Amy P.

Some of this comes naturally for Amy, but she has also had some advanced leadership training. She says, "The training focused on things like how to manage and lead effectively when you are remote, and on cultural awareness and sensitivity."

Most anyone can manage, but there are fewer people who can lead. She believes “that leaders don't just collect followers, they empower their people to grow and develop and become their best selves. And if those people end up moving on to other companies, well, then, you've done your job right!"

Managing Data: Curiosity, Rigor, and Creativity

Amy has a bachelor’s degree in biology, a master's in health administration, and a certificate in clinical trial management. Her experience is extensive, managing both people and data. She has managed studies ranging from oncology to metabolic, and led cross-functional teams based all over the world.

"Data managers are the pinnacle for any company. Companies don't always realize this but consider that: we design how your data will be collected, we make sure the data gets collected, and we help analyze the data. We give you everything you need to be successful in the market. Marketing, for example, uses our data to build their brochures, risk analysis and campaigns. We design the databases, and the forms that collected the data. What they present to physicians, the data managers have made possible. It's great fun to see the light bulb go off over their heads when they realize that we could work with them to design ways to collect information they need.”

Amy points out that no two studies are the same, and that there is an element of creativity to good data management. “At Boston Scientific, they valued our ability to be flexible and change when needed.”

Therapies from Data

Amy's curiosity and desire to learn are valuable traits in her line of work. She says, "It makes it easier to design data collection if you understand the end game," and so she learns as much as she can about the study, the intentions, and where the data will be used. "You need to define the results you want up front, understand your disease state so you can collect the right data. Because you can't go back. "

Amy is driven by the problem-solving elements of data management, both specific "how do we capture this?" questions and the more encompassing solutions that patients see. Ultimately, she loves having her data result in successful outcomes for patients.

Who is Amy?

"I'm a data manager, a leader, a mother. I was raised with a strong work ethic and I don't do anything halfway. I want to be an example for my kids. I want them to understand that you don't have to be number one, but you do have to put in the effort. You have to give it everything you have.”

Ultimately, Amy has a passion for leadership and a passion for high quality data.

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