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Talent Spotlight—Shweta, Clinical Data Manager Rockstar

Talent Spotlight. Two business people highlighted by a spotlight

In this column, we highlight one of our stellar data management candidates. Please reach out to us if you would like to meet this candidate, or to learn more about our recruiting and placement services.

Currently serving as a Lead Clinical Data Manager, Shweta is one of our Rockstar Data Managers!

Shweta gracefully juggles multiple technical responsibilities while maintaining the engagement of her team. She gets support and buy-in from her people even in challenging situations with small attitude adjustments generated through her awareness and understanding. She gives her team members room to grow and opportunities to develop their skills and abilities. "I provide feedback wherever required, mentioning both strengths and weaknesses for them to work upon in the most positive way I can."

She is adamant that all collaboration and cross-team cooperation is only successful with clear communication, genuine expression of appreciation, and trust. She says, "I feel that anything clearly communicated and mutually understood gets work done and removes potential obstacles. I also like to appreciate and acknowledge the work of other departments as it leads to building better relationships with them."

Shweta makes a point of keeping management informed, whether it's potential snags and drawbacks of a project or the general progress. She is careful to ascertain what managements' goals are, so that she can relieve their worries while also ensuring the project stays on track. She is also extremely thorough and clear when reporting on progress to a sponsor, though she admits that she would like an opportunity to polish her presentation skills.

In pharma, teams are often cross-cultural and may even span multiple locales in different countries. Shweta is naturally interested in other cultures, and finds that her interest and desire to understand helps to ease the potential cultural speed bumps.

Her strong communication skills make Shweta a stellar manager, of both people and data.

Shweta is truly passionate about data management! In her own words, "I love to work on the study-startup phase which requires critical and logical thinking to tackle CRF and database creation, writing query logic and descriptions, as well as working on UAT and identification of errors. I strongly believe that an appropriate database design minimizes vast errors, improving the quality of the data to be collected."

Shweta will be looking for a new opportunity in January 2020. If you are an employer interested meeting Shweta or a data manager who would like to be highlighted in an upcoming Talent Spotlight, please give us call: (888) 623-2080 or email us.

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