Major Trends in Life Sciences in 2019

While we’re not psychic and we don’t have a magic crystal ball to peer into, we do notice that some trends appear to be emerging in life sciences, and we want to share these trends with you. Whether you’ve been working in any of the life sciences careers for many years, or you’re still in… read more

How To Be Genuine When Networking In The Life Sciences Fields

Everyone knows that in the fields of technology, science, and research, the job market is quite competitive in the Bay Area. Whether you’re in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, or elsewhere in this northern California region, you need to have outstanding networking skills to get the job you want. Part of the skills set… read more

My First Collaborations in Clinical Research Event

By: Dan Sharpe This was my first Collaborations in Clinical Research event. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I was excited to attend. The event officially started at 5pm in the HP center but there were a few attendees who arrived early, mingling with one another as the rest of the attendees filtered… read more

The Interview: What do you need to know about data management

Collaborations in Clinical Research is proud to have hosted Clinical Trials: What do you need to know about Data Management. Ask the Experts! the conference call is scheduled for April 4th from 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM PST. Attendees will be given the opportunities to ask questions and share their thoughts about clinical data management. The Interview Kunal: So, my first… read more

ICH E6 – Summary of Changes

ICH E6 Good Clinical Practice ICH E6 Good Clinical Practice is an international scientific and ethical quality standard for conducting, designing, recording and reporting trials involving human participation. It provides the public with assurance that all rights and safety of trial subjects are protected and consistent with the principles that originate in the Declaration of… read more