Data Management Solutions

As researchers, you know that your clinical data is your most precious resource. Without clean, high-quality data your study or submission is dead in the water! Emanate Life Sciences is here to help you protect that data through our various clinical data management services.

Data Management

With over 15 years of data management experience in multiple therapeutic areas, we understand the importance of high-quality clinical data. Our data management services are all designed to ensure proper oversight of your data.

How We Work

Your clinical trial is unique. We take the time to understand the nuances of your trial and adapt our services to your needs. We:

  • Apply our extensive knowledge to your situation
  • Customize our approach and tools to your study, project, trial, or industry segment
  • Treat your data with the detailed attention required so that your findings will be submission-quality
  • Work with your current team(s) in a productive and cross-functional manner, adding value through both our data management skills and our team management skills

Data Management Service Options

We are proud to offer our data management services in flexible configurations to fit your needs and your budget. We’ll meet you where you are now, whether that’s study start-up, conduct, or close-out.

Full-Service Data Management Functional Service Provider (FSP)
With this option we’ll build an experienced team and work within your environment, with your in-house teams every step of the way, overseeing your data quality end-to-end, ensuring submission success.

Data Management Services Can Include:

  • Data Quality Oversight
  • Data Collection
  • Data Cleaning
  • 3rd Party Vendor Data
  • Data Analysis Preparation

Data Management Advisory
When you choose the Advisory service, we contract with you to provide outsourced advice and assistance for your study to help you make the right decisions and keep your data management processes on track.

Data Advisory Services Can Include:

  • CRO Data Management Contract Review – Review, explain, and identify
  • Review and explain Data Management Documentation
  • Assist in Electronic Data Capture Selection
  • Case Report Form Design Review
  • 3rd Party Vendor Data Transfer Set-Up

Please get in touch with us to discover your best clinical data management solution.